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New research sheds light on marine biodiversity of South Sandwich Islands

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Shaped by ice and fire, the volcanic South Sandwich Islands are a remote sub-Antarctic archipelago that have remained largely uninhabited since their discovery by polar explorers in the 18th century. In winter, sea ice extends northwards across the two hundred …

Introducing the Marine Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment Programme (mNCEA)

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Following a successful proof of concept year, the Marine Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (mNCEA) programme began on 1 April. What is mNCEA and why is it important Our vision it to create a platform for a thriving marine environment, …

Launching a new visual tool to identify shark trunks in the international meat trade

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Front covers of the three guide series on identifying CITES-listed sharks and rays.

The first shark trunk visual identification guide is launched as part of a one stop toolkit for regulating trade in CITES-listed species Warning: This blog contains images of sharks without fins or heads as part of a training exercise to …

Trade in live coral: how we are developing tools to improve tracking of the most traded marine animals

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A photo of corals underwater

It may come as a surprise to some that corals are not rocks or plants, but marine invertebrate animals made up of hundreds to thousands of tiny organisms called polyps, joined together by limestone skeletons. Corals are the building blocks …

Cefas and Industry science collaboration: commercial catch sampling in the age of COVID

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This is the third in a series of short blogs focussing on Cefas’ fisheries science work in partnership with the fishing industry. Cefas Scientist, Jon Elson, who is responsible for the Cefas commercial catch sampling programme, is the next of …