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Will Le Quesne

Will Le Quesne is the Middle East Programme Director and a Principal Ecosystem Scientist at Cefas.

His work focuses on the interaction between human activities and marine ecosystems. How do human activities, including climate change affect marine ecosystems? And how does the state of the marine environment affect the environmental goods and services the environment provides to society.
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One year on: Cefas generates new tools and evidence to support marine natural capital programme

Natural capital refers to parts of the natural environment, such as forests, fisheries, rivers, biodiversity, land and minerals, that provide valuable goods and services to society. Much like human capital (labour, skills and experience), recent reviews recognise that natural capital should …

Too hot to handle? Adapting to the impacts of marine climate change in the Gulf

Posted by: , Posted on: - Categories: adaptation, biodiversity, Climate Change, Fisheries, International, Science, Socio Economics

As world leaders meet at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 27th Conference of Parties (COP27) in Egypt this week, Cefas Middle East Programme Director Will Le Quesne discusses the challenge of climate change facing the world’s …